Last Vacation Day

It seems like since owning a home, my vacation days haven’t been terribly relaxing. Though that might just be me. In any case, home improvement projects do take a lot of time, and I am not one to enjoy a long term project that causes the house to be in disarray.

Yesterday was my last vacation day. After taking my parents to the airport in the morning, Bug and I rushed home, got laundry started, put away a load of dishes, reloaded the dishwasher, and then headed downtown to visit with Mr. Ink’s brother and sister in law. Miss Bug had a nice long swim in the pool, then we headed over to everyone’s favorite french bistro deli to have lunch. It was a lovely afternoon!

After lunch, we headed back home, worked on a few more chores, then Miss Bug played at the neighbors while I had a nice little nap. Then it was time to mow the lawn for the first time this year! It really did need it. I also checked out a project that I noticed needs doing, the door frame around our large garage needs scraping and painting. I think I may make that my weekend project.

And then I was able to find some spinning time! I pulled out a large textured batt I had in stash, and some core yarn, and got started on a corespinning project.


The yarn is very bright and cheery, perfect for this time of year, and I really enjoy corespinning. I was left wondering why I don’t do more of it! I can’t wait to see this project complete, I am really looking forward to discovering what I can make out of it.