Corespun Yarn

I finished my corespun out of my pink batts. It looks great! It was a very highly textured batt with stuff in it that was completely undraftable. So, there are smooth sections and then very textured sections. This I love about it.


I used knitpicks bare lace as the core this time. All other times I’ve corespun, I’ve used a mohair core. I enjoyed the laceweight yarn, it left the yarn a bit smaller over all. Less bulky.

Let’s take a close up look, shall we?


Yep, I love it! And I love the bright spring colors on the grass that is greening right up!

As soon as I finished this, I knew I’d be doing another corespun soon. And I thought “Maybe I should check knitpicks prices and get some more laceweight!” Then I thought a little more about it, and realized that my laceweight stash has been mostly untouched since 2010, and maybe I could just use my own laceweight? So, I calculated just how many yards of corespun I could do using my own laceweight. And the amount was over 12 thousand yards.

Guess I won’t be headed back to knitpicks any time soon. At least not for THAT reason.

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