The Drum Carder

Prior to my parents’ visit, I had told Mr. Ink that I was going to ask him for help taking apart my drum carder after they left. You see, I ADORE using the drum carder, and spinning the amazing fiber I make from it. But, early on when I bought it, I hadn’t really done quite enough research. I didn’t realize that overpacking it was no good, and consequently, a bunch of fiber had gotten into all the areas that turn.

I’ve had that drum carder for years, and just continued to use it that way. But, it needed an adjustment, and I figured if I had Mr. Ink’s help, I could also get it taken apart, truly cleaned, and put back together correctly.

We worked on that yesterday. Unfortunately, my cheap drum carder doesn’t really come apart in the places I need it to, so we tediously, used a utility knife, a pair of small fabric scissors, and a crochet hook to pull wool out of the small spaces it had gotten into.

It was a lot of fiber. Seriously.


And most of it was stuff from the very first time I used it, I’d recognize that brown fleece anywhere.

While we were cleaning it, I was telling Mr. Ink how I would like to sell this off brand carder and get a name brand carder that was bigger, since I truly adore carding wool. He nodded, and listened, and didn’t give an opinion. (That’s normal, he typically gives opinions much later than the conversation happened.)

Then we put it all back together, and I got out my wool and envisioned a project. Then I got started!


And I realized that this carder was working so beautifully, that I had no interest in a new carder. All I needed was a cleaned and adjusted carder to be happy with what I already have.

And from there? I made myself a colorwheel.


Guys? That’s an 11 oz. color wheel! I took two braids I didn’t like, dyed with the above colors in a gradient, pulled them apart at about 1 ounce intervals, divided them out by color, added a bunch of mix ins, and other colored fiber when I wanted to tone down or draw out another color, and then carded them lickety split, practically crowing in happiness the entire time.

Well, as lickety split as carding can go anyhow.

Here’s a picture of the original colorway.


The original fiber said it was superwash wool, but if that was superwash wool, I’ll eat those 11 oz. of fiber. For real, it felt a lot more like polwarth, and it certainly isn’t superwash anything. No matter, it’s gorgeous, the resulting batts are really beautiful, and I’ve got a working carder to play with.

And thus, I’ll leave you with an album of closer shots of those batts, and the promise of more beautiful batts to view tomorrow.


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