Guys, I am showing signs of an addiction. (I guess that’s not surprising, I do absolutely get obsessive over fiber pursuits.)


I had 4 of these braids. Same situation as yesterday’s braids, they are listed as superwash merino but they are not. And, while I love some gorgeously colored top, I love batts more, so I decided I was going to make a mess out of these 4 tops, and see what happens. I pulled an ounce off the end of each one, giving me 4 ounces of a nice dark purple.

Then I grabbed some tussah silk, some mulberry silk, some sparkle, some silk noil, and some carded sari silk. I drum carded those into batts, they are a bit of a gradient. One batt is lighter purple, one batt is darker purple, and then there’s two that are a midrange.


And as per usual, I couldn’t resist starting them! I mean, it was so overwhelming that I had to remove a project that I haven’t shown off yet, and sit outdoors spinning these batts.

I made it halfway through last evening.


And I grabbed a progress shot along the way. This is the lightest batt underneath, with the midrange purple on top.

I can’t decide if I want to keep these as singles or make it a 2 ply. I am currently set up for a 2 ply, but it seems that when I am spinning something I carded, I have a seriously hard time not leaving them as singles!

Either way, I think it’ll be gorgeous.

But the batt creating didn’t stop there…stay tuned!


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