I just kept at it

More drum carding from me!

So, yesterday I posted about how I took the purple ends off 4 braids of top and made purple batts. I also took the green ends off those same 4 braids and made some gradient batts.

Unfortunately that didn’t go quite as hoped for. I divided everything out evenly, hoping for a smooth gradient from bright lime green into a deep olive green. I made sure I kept the add ins the same for each batt, hoping they’d really work well together.


But, what I got was two bright green batts, one only slightly less bright than the other, and then a lovely transition between green and dark olive green. So, these aren’t quite a gradient, more a group of batts that could coordinate if spun certain ways. As to how I will spin them? Not sure yet, but it’ll be fun!

Add ins for these were silk noil, tussah silk, mulberry silk, some firestar, and a bunch of different merinos that coordinated nicely with what I believe to be polwarth.

And this is officially where I stopped with batts. For now. I’ve got another 8 ounces of blues from the same 4 braids, but I haven’t decided what to do with them. And a BUNCH of other wool. But, the weekend ended, and I’ve decided to put my efforts toward spinning up something else.

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