In my continued quest to work from Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, I decided to try cocoons. I used dyeabolical’s colorway Kara on BFL/Silk as my single, and Loop! fiber scraps for the cocoons.


Here’s an early photo. I had to spin thicker than usual for this, and short forward worsted spinning at that. Then there are all these hand maneuvers to create the cocoons. And to make a long story short, all of that REALLY hurts my wrists, and puts my fingers to sleep. So I have had to work on it in rather short bursts.

I ended up taking this fiber off the wheel last weekend because of those gorgeous purple batts I made, and couldn’t refrain from putting on my wheel. Then I got back to it after the first bobbin of the purple batts was complete.

The sad part is that at the point where I decided that this technique is most decidedly NOT for me was the point where I actually got a little better and faster at it.


The cocoons began to look nicer and more tight on the single, and I was liking the process more.

But not enough to keep going! I finished two ounces of the wool with the cocoons, and have now decided to make a 2 ply out of the remaining 2 ounces. I’ll do that at a much thinner single, hoping that my 2 ply will be about the same weight as my single with the cocoons. Then we can just call them corresponding yarns. And perhaps then a unique pattern will reveal itself.

Guys, I don’t think I’ve been this frustrated with my spinning in practically forever! I guess it was bound to happen. What were the odds I’d like every single technique in the book?!

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