Wednesday Night

Wednesday night was a night I was supposed to be getting stuff done. But, it didn’t work out that way.


Because when I got home, I’d gotten an interesting package full of various types of silk. Specifically silk throwsters waste and silk laps. Since I’ve never seen either of those things in person, I was eager to mess around with them. Well, the laps anyhow, which I added to the drum carder, it’s the light colored sorta cloud looking stuff. I have no idea how it’ll spin up, but I suspect it’ll be rather textured.

The batts I ended up creating on Wednesday night are mostly merino wool. Nice merino wool, very smooth. And this is where I realize why I also had such a terrible time with the alpaca batts I made before christmas. My no name cheap drum carder doesn’t really like finer fibers. Now, the merino acted better than the alpaca, it’s doable. But, my carder really prefers wool with a little grab.

Which solidifies my theory that the previous wool top I was using, labeled superwash merino, are most certainly NOT superwash merino. Which is just fine with me.

I made 4 batts, it’s probably 5 ounces total but I didn’t weigh after I finished. They are all slightly different colors, and I think I’ll spin them all into separate skeins of 2 ply.


Then we can let the knitting create the gradient.

I am excited to start working on these! But considering that I have already 3 spinning projects in progress, I am just going to have to set them aside for now.

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