Bits and Bobs

It’s not really been the type of weekend where I’ve really stuck to any one thing. So I can give you a run down of what I’ve been up to instead.

Friday night we went to a local hockey game with 80 of our closest friends. Miss Bug talked at me all night, our team won, cotton candy was consumed, and a photo was taken with the mascot.


It was pretty much exactly how a hockey game should go.

I had some time here and there to work on a little spinning, and did manage to get the 2 ounces of singles I needed for a 2 ply to coordinate with my cocoon yarn done.


No plying yet, I’ll probably spin up the purple batts first, and then ply both yarns. Having more bobbins means having more opportunity to start more projects, leaving more than I’d like unfinished!

Miss Bug had a friend over for a sleep over, and Mr. Ink fixed up my old mountain bike for Miss Bug to ride. Those girls were really pleased….


Right up until the moment that Mr. Ink went to adjust the friend’s bike and the derailleur fell off. Another has been ordered, and should be in next week. And no matter really, as we’ve got more than enough bikes around this house to spare one for her use until her bike can be fixed.

On Saturday morning, Miss Marja came for a visit, and to create some of her own batts. while she was here, I dug into her add in stash, and pulled some stuff out for my batts. Then, once she left, I made another set.


I like them! They are pretty, and they have some really interesting stuff hiding in there that I am eager to see how spins up. But, with 3 spinning projects already in progress, I am going to have to just wait a bit.

And finally, Miss Marja left me a challenge. She left me a bunch of odd fiber she didn’t want. As far as I can tell it’s white silk, white sparkle, and baby blue wool. It’s quite….interesting. I am determined to make it look better than it does, so I figured I’d take a photo of it at the outset, so you can see the improvement.


That’s all for today, I am sure there’ll be something to show off tomorrow!

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