As I mentioned yesterday, Miss Marja left me with some fiber that was a bit less than gorgeous.


It is heavy on the silk, has a bunch of sparkle, and at the same time, it was quite boring. Just not something she wanted to spin or mess with. But, I thought about that fiber all night and through the morning, hoping that I could somehow make it into something I would love.

The first thing I did was remove just as much of the white silk as I could. Anything that wasn’t well blended got ripped out of there and set in a pile. I can always dye that silk at a later time and use it for something else.

Then I thought about it and realized that in order to tone down the summer day cloud theme, I’d really need to add a bunch of colors that were dark. I decided to mostly stick with blues. I also decided that the extremely silk and silky fiber heavy fiber really needed no more silk. So I went through my stash and pulled out ever single darker blue color that I could find. When I felt that wasn’t enough, I pulled out some dark purples and some dark greens as well. I wanted to cut the color in the original fiber down to under 50% of the batt.

Then I chose my add ins. I went really heavy on the blue sari silk thread, there’s a ton of it. And it’s absolutely the brightest blue in the resulting batts. And then I also added silk noil, that was a dark charcoal grey.

Now, not all the batts are the same color. The different colors of blues and purples and greens don’t repeat. But they are close. And I think I took it from bright summer sky colored to stormy sky colored.


It’s a MASSIVE improvement. My plan with these is to spin them up into a 3 ply as to blend the different colors as much as possible and get a fairly consistently colored yarn. It’s near to 8 ounces, so I should be getting some great yardage as well!

It was a fun experiment, I really enjoyed it. It’s good to know I can take something practically unlikeable and change it into something I’d want to spin. It’ll be interesting to see how it spins, since I sandwiched the white and light blue so well. It might be lighter in those batts than I currently anticipate. We’ll see!

But first, I’ve got two skeins of handspun to finish. And this gives me quite a bit of motivation to quit making batts and work on my unfinished spinning projects.

I hope you all had a great weekend full of good weather and lots of color!

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