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You know, it occurs to me that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted much about knitting in progress, what with the batts and the spinning and all!

I started a new little project. The pattern is called Drake the Snake, and it’s a two color scarf. The yarns I chose are both dyeabolical yarns, the green semi solid is the leftover yarn from my boxy and buttony sweater, and the pink toned colorway is a discontinued one called “We’re All Mad Here.


Since it was a discontinued colorway, I just wanted something lovely and not socks out of it! And also something large enough that I’d wear it regularly. The addition of the darker green makes that a possibility for me.

I am having a ton of fun with this one, I love short rows and I love seeing those wedges knit up. This one is currently residing at work, which means it gets a good amount of time devoted to it during the week (when mostly I spin or bike at night) and then it comes home on the weekends, when I am more likely to knit.

Speaking of biking, with the weather change, and an attitude change in me, we’ve been biking a whole lot more! I mentioned that over the weekend Miss Bug got my old mountain bike set up specifically for her. We’d told her we were going to take her out biking, and I had been thinking paved trails around a lake. But, she was most insistent that she doesn’t like riding paved trails, and wanted to go mountain biking. Sunday, Mr. Ink and I had just ridden a full lap of our favorite easy access mountain bike park. On Monday, we took Miss Bug as well. I figured she wouldn’t have the stamina to do much riding. But, as it turns out, since she’s also a little trail runner with her dad, she knew exactly where she wanted to go, and that was a whole lot more biking than I’d anticipated.

Gratuitous photo of Bug trail running:


Or, perhaps more accurately in this case, trail jumping.

As a mother, following her on her first big mountain bike ride, riding a new bike that’s rather big for her, I had to tamp down my instinct to tell her that she couldn’t do things. The reality was that she could do almost anything she tried, and she had very little fear. Anything we encountered she wanted to try, and often times she wanted to do it again.

It was also rather exhausting, as there’s a real change in how *I* ride when I am behind her. I have to slow way down, put myself in super low gear, do a lot of extra balancing to accommodate her slower speed, and then trying to maneuver whatever obstacle is ahead at such a slow speed, and slowing down for her unexpected needs is quite a challenge in power output on a bike. All of this being probably very good for me. And something I don’t expect to last, as her first time out was such a massive success that she’s likely to speed up beyond my own abilities very quickly.

I took along my phone but didn’t get any shots of her riding. However, I did get some great shots of Mr. Ink riding a large log skinny. I so rarely stop to take photos, it was nice to have that opportunity this time.


He nailed it, naturally. I really need to start riding those smaller logs, but at my age, I DO have a big case of fear and my brain is in the way more often than not.

All in all a great evening!


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