In my quest to work out of my Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, I began to learn to spin cocoons onto my singles.

I took a braid of BFL/Silk from Dyeabolical Yarns in the Kara colorway, and added cocoons out of Loop! leftovers. I got through 2 ounces of fiber this way, not really enjoying the process, and having the process hurt my wrist and put my fingers to sleep. The results are beautiful, but I really needed to stop!


So, I took the other two ounces, and decided to try to spin it out thin enough to get a 2 ply that is approximately the same weight as these singles. Ideally I could then pair the yarns together with an interesting look.

That went pretty well!


The 2 ply is about the same weight, and it’s absolutely gorgeous and rich and the best part? I got to enjoy spinning it.

In the end, I have 260 yards of 2 ply and 250 yards of singles, so I’d say I did quite well with both dividing out the fiber and with spinning it to equal weights.

I admit, after this project, my stamina for working out of the book is toast. I’ll get back to it later, but it’s now time for me to work on spinning some of the gorgeous batts I’ve been making and also accumulating. In a normal manner. Unless I corespin. Because, that’s just fun.

Is there a spinning technique that inspires you? Or that you found you really didn’t like?

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