This is a Knitting Blog

Somewhere along the line, I transitioned from Knitter and sometimes Spinner, to Spinner who knits. I don’t know when that happened, as I know that it sort of tipped back and forth for a very long time. But somewhere along the line, the spinning took a front seat.

I walked into Mr. Ink’s Den of Slack, where my yarn is stored, and got seriously overwhelmed when I tried to put away some of my handspun yarn. I am producing yarn at an alarming rate lately, and not knitting nearly fast enough to keep up with my stash.  In addition to this, the knitting I have been doing the most of is for Miss Marja who supplies her own yarn, so my stash is not getting used. And to top it off? Knitting for her is in trade for more of her handspun yarn! So, it’s gotten a little crazy.

Now, I used to do Month O’Socks, where I’d knit only socks for an entire month, leaving me with claw like sore hands, a minimized sock yarn stash, and a bunch of new pairs of handknit socks. Except for the claw like hands, it was a total win!

No more Month O’Socks for me, instead I am instituting a self inflicted month of knitting. On Friday, I put my wheel in the closet, tidied my fiber stash and put that away, and made myself a serious queue of projects, pairing stash yarn to them immediately.

It’s now day 3, and I’ve got 3 repeats done one a handspun hanami stole. I knit this pattern a long time ago, it was enjoyable, and the end result was stunning. But I gave it away. This time I chose a color that wasn’t black, and hoped that would make the process easier. But I forgot just how difficult I find the basketweave lace pattern to be. 3 repeats in, I am now not ripping back every patterned row. I seem to be on a roll now. Only 4 more repeats to go before I start a different chart!


The yarn is handspun singles I created out of my own batts. It’s mostly polwarth wool with the addition of silk and sari silk. The beads I am using match the silk and sari silk color pops perfectly.

The other thing I am hoping to accomplish during my month of exclusive knitting is to get up off the couch and get other stuff done. The reality, with spinning, is that I am so obsessive I can’t leave my wheel. With knitting, I find it much easier to put down, as I do get a little bored these days. So when I get bored, and don’t have spinning to go to, I think I’ll manage to get a few other things done around the house instead.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! It’s been a pretty good one here!

5 thoughts on “This is a Knitting Blog

  1. I am in the exact same boat in the transition from knitter to spinner who knits. I spin way more and have to think about picking up my needles, particularly since spindle spinning is so portable!!!

    • It’s wonderful, truly. I LIKE that being the case. But, I always feel overwhelmed when I have too much yarn in stash. Happens with fiber too, but I can blow through a fiber stash in short order. Knitting…not so much these days.

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