The Socks

It seems only reasonable that during a month of self inflicted exclusive knitting, I’d have a pair of socks on the needles. I started these mid March, as I needed another pair of “emergency knitting” socks.


I am photographing them in the car, because that’s where they reside! I keep them around for moments I might need knitting while I am out, but they get knit on most often when I decide I’ve had enough single track riding but Mr. Ink wants to do a bit more.

That was the case yesterday, and I got a bit further down the foot. 10 out of 13 repeats are complete on this sock.

Since the sock pic is a bit boring and I don’t have much progress on anything else today, can I show you garden photos?


Not entirely sure what this plant is on our retaining wall, but it’s in its glory at the moment. Really gorgeous! You can see, behind it, phlox peeking out. Here’s a close up:


It was far more abundant last year, that plant, but kind of got choked out. We are hoping that it fills in above a bit this year, and we are working on encouraging that.

Another phlox photo is one that Mr. Ink planted last year, and it’s just blooming like mad too!


It seems to be really enjoying it’s spot on the hill.

And finally, the tree we planted when our 17 year old dog passed away last year, the Coco Memorial tree, made it through the winter! It’s a red bud, and we weren’t entire sure it would make it. Not only did it make it, but it is exhibiting it’s first flower!


When we moved in to our home, we realized we had no trees. It’s a huge yard, and NO TREES! None at all. Now we have two. And another one arriving shortly. (And frankly, our rose of sharon is rather tree like. But it’ll never grow like a tree.)

After doing a bunch of yard work this weekend, prior to the current rain, I am highly inspired to get out and buy plants. I love that I’ve learned to enjoy gardening, and also love that Mr. Ink picks up where I slack in that department. But most of all, I love that gardening happens for a season, and then we get a break.

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