Speeding Right Along

I have to admit, ever since the weekend was over, the only knitted item getting any action is my Hanami stole. Since I don’t love knitting the basketweave lace portion, I set a goal to do one repeat a day. I figured it would keep me on task, and get me through it faster. On Sunday I managed two repeats, and by last evening I was into the transitional chart.


It certainly is growing quickly! Can you see the beads in the middle of each diamond? Beads are always so hard to photograph, and I suppose the pops of color in the handspun also hinder the view.

As of this morning, I am all the way through the transitional chart and halfway through the first of the cherry blossom charts.

I want to begin adding beads again, but I am not entirely sure where to put them. Certainly not at every cherry blossom, that would get exhausting and heavy. I’ll give it some more knitting time and maybe a solution will come to me.

I have also managed a tiny bit of work on the sock, and a little work on Drake the Snake, but both are so negligible as to be not at all photo worthy.

However, I do have another plant photo. Last year my extremely talented gardening coworker gave me a tiny little Lady’s Mantle. It did well in one of my shade gardens last year, but I was surprised just how early it appeared this year, and how full and large it is already!


It has established itself very nicely. I am looking forward to adding far more to this shade garden this year. It’s got this lady’s mantle, and then a bunch of fairly small hostas. It’s my intention to add a bunch of taller shade plants to the back of it and we’ll see what else.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I am going to talk about it again. When I was younger, I hated gardening with a passion. So it’s such a great surprise to me to love it in adulthood.

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