I Don’t Know

With all the upset of Mr. Ink’s mom starting directly after I decided to give up spinning for a month, I am not sure if I just find it relatively uninspiring to blog about knitting, or if I’ve just been too busy and lack the motivation to blog in general. I suspect I’ll need to try another month off spinning to find a better baseline in the future.


Here’s the heel of a second sock! I began, and knit the heel flap and heel, starting on Monday. Pretty good I’d say, for a couple days work. I thought that Mr. Ink’s sister in law would be arriving on Friday, but that didn’t work out as anticipated. She’ll be arriving on Monday instead. That gives me a weekend, a rainy one at that, to finish this sock.

Actually, I plan to knit about to the toe, and then leave it be. Once she arrives, she can try on the complete one, and I can either finish up, or make adjustments and finish up both socks to the proper size.

As for Mr. Ink’s mom, she’s now in a home for rehab, working on learning to walk again. We visited last evening and I was impressed with the facilities. They’d come highly recommended, so I shouldn’t have been surprised, but it was really nice to see how lovely they are. I hope the care equals the facilities. In the meantime, the next month brings us paperwork, and cleaning out her apartment. It’s been less than a year since we cleaned out the old family home, and I still have nightmares about it, so I am not exactly looking forward to this next clean out, despite the fact that it’s only 13 years worth of stuff, and a much smaller place.

Meanwhile, there are the regular inconveniences of differing opinions that different family members bring to the table in situations such as this. For instance, the one where some family members believe that all the stuff from  her apartment will be coming to my house to be stored. Those family members would be mistaken. I’ve got issues with “stuff.” I keep my level of “stuff” WAY down whenever possible. And clutter drives me right crazy. We are currently housing stuff for kids who don’t live with us, and that’s about my limit. I do believe that there are lovely things called storage sheds, and you can rent them by the month, and “stuff” can just stay in there.

And after typing all that out, I think it’s pretty clear that the mental exhaustion of each day right now leaves me little room for blogging about knitting. It’s not the knitting, it’s the situation.

Oh. Yeah. And also the huge work project.

OK, here’s the thing. Life is full of cycles, and the cycle for me is stress. Hopefully it’ll settle down soon!

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