A Much Needed Weekend

Guys, I needed this weekend so badly! Between everything going on at home and a huge work project that’s been giving me fits for 2 weeks, and stress even before that, I just didn’t know how much of a stress ball I’d become.

The work project finished up on Friday afternoon. I was able to go home and grab a power nap, then Mr. Ink and I mowed the lawn before a weekend of rain began. I did some weeding and some housework and we made an easy dinner, then settled in to watch a movie together while I knit on the pair of socks that need to be done by Monday.

I finished them.


It’s VERY rainy and dark today, this is as good a photo as I’ll ever get. These are for Mr. Ink’s sister in law, who is just one of those people who gets jobs done. She and I think alike, but I haven’t been in the family 30 years, so I don’t say that which I think. She says it for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate her. Also, she’s so knit worthy. I sent her home with a large cowl a little over a year ago, and she wears it ALL OF the time in the winter.  These socks are an easy way for me to say thank you for all the help and support she gives us.

If all goes well, I’ll have another finished object soon. But, as of right now? I am thrilled to report that’s one skein of commercial yarn out of my stash during my month of knitting exclusively.

I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately, I got some gladiolus in the ground, and I’ve got some cannas waiting to be planted. I have moved a bunch of day lilies to another area in my yard in order to claim more space for my veggie garden. The veggie garden is mostly in, and I’ve planted a bunch of various plants in my shadier gardens, which were just mulch and no plants. Mr. Ink’s hill has gotten a lot of work lately as well, he’s been removing old dead roots of bushes long choked out by weeds he’s finally eradicated. He tells me the erosion out there is getting pretty bad but I’ll like the solution. I asked him what the solution was, and he said more plants, plants and rocks. That’s great, since I keep going to my favorite plant store and purchasing him plants that like rocks. I guess I get to continue!

I’ve got two more gorgeous blooms to show off, my iris bed is busting out now.


Irises are such elegant flowers for the time they bloom! And, I’ve got a beautifully established columbine which never had a chance to bloom last year, so choked out was that flower bed.


Now it’s blooming beautifully in the midst of siberian irises that haven’t bloomed yet. With all the rain we are getting right now, expect a lot more bloom pictures!

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