And the Rain Continues

As does my finishing! I finished socks on Friday night, and my Hanami stole on Saturday. I blocked it before we even had dinner.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot knit with handspun singles! That being said, I am aware that I tend to lightly spin yarn these days. After almost 10 years of spinning, I now know just how much twist must be added for yarn to stay together, and I tend to walk the edge of that most of the time, since even though it’s pilly, I love a nice soft handspun.


We’ve had an exceedingly rainy weekend. It’s very obviously spring rain mode around here. I had to get a run in on Saturday, which I did in the rain. But, thankfully it let up for awhile so I could wander around the yard in bare feet pulling weeds. This morning? More rain. I am hoping it chooses to quit long enough to grab a bike ride this afternoon.


In the meantime, I am going to enjoy relaxing with another project on the needles.


For the record, that’s one commercial skein gone from my stash, and one handspun skein gone. (Though, to be honest? I had way more singles than I needed for the Hanami stole, and I may make those remaining singles into a 2 ply, just to see what happens.)