Finishing a Long Week

Today, for the first time in 2 weeks, we have the house to ourselves. This doesn’t mean I don’t like having company, especially the company of Mr. Ink’s sister in law, who calls me her sister by another mother, but when she’s here, I get VERY little sleep and there’s SO MUCH talking for this introvert!

In fact, I was thinking of calling in to work introverted. Taking a surprise vacation day just to deal with my social overload. But I didn’t, mostly because I’ve already taken a lot of vacation days to deal with other surprise emergencies or house projects lately.

Mr. Ink and I got a bike ride in, the trails are now mostly dry but it is supposed to rain again this weekend. So I was most insistent last evening. ¬†Hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to ride those same trails with Miss Bug tomorrow morning as well.

As for knitting, it’s been slow going! But, I finished my polar opposites scarf this morning.

It’s REALLY long and beautiful, and looks best all curled up like in the second picture. It’s also all wonderful and crazy and soft. I love it.


A close up of the laceweight paired with the corespun crazy lumpy wonderful yarn.

I’ll absolutely be doing this pattern again, I really loved it.

And, if you are playing along at home, that’s 1 commercial skein of yarn out of my stash, 2 handspun yarns out of my stash, and some laceweight yarn out of my stash, though I’ve got a LOT more where that came from! Even with the major life upset, that’s still progress being made toward stash busting on my enforced month of knitting only. (And says nothing of the skeins of handspun I am not making during this time. But I sorta feel like that counts too!)

I’ve got one cute Miss Butterfly picture as well. She’s SO BUSY lately. Show choir, track, (Which she hates, but I told her she has to do it since she committed to it.) and friend activities. So, the other night she decided to make herself some soup. I walked into the dining room to see this:


I guess a watched pot never boils! She’ll sneak in her reading time when she can.

In fact, last night, she had been doing some yoga. (Our entire family is REALLY into yoga all of a sudden) She’d worked her way through two videos, and then she asked me “Mom, if I were not doing yoga right now, what would I be doing?” (I suspect she wanted to know if I were going to put her to work.) I told her “You’d probably be curled up on the couch reading.” She said “I’LL DO THAT!” And put away her videos and curled up with a book. Very cute.