Not much new in the knitting department! I had to frog an almost completed project that went horribly wrong. That was two skeins of yarn in there! But, it wasn’t going right, I ran out of yarn, and decided I wouldn’t wear it anyhow. One of the great joys of having knit for more than 10 years is the realization that I can just frog and start again with very little lost in the grand scheme of things.

I did start another project, the Haruni shawl, out of my purple handspun. Isn’t it just the tweedy goodness?!


I know, indoor shot, and not great light. But, that’s what I’ve got today. I am, however, enjoying it.

In garden news, and oh is there ever garden news, I’ve got a bunch of photos for you!

My peonies, they are blooming!


These were the very first gorgeous blooms, and when I posted them on the book of faces, there was quite a bit of jealousy. However, what people need to understand is that I have probably 20 peony plants in my yard, all incredibly well established, so I am bound to have some of the earliest blooms in the city. It was only 2 days later that my absolute favorite peony bloomed:


And woah, she’s gorgeous again this year! I hope her blooms just continue for awhile! Meanwhile, despite having 20 peonies, I spent yesterday morning searching for more! Yellow, and coral, I don’t have any of those! But, I’ll need more garden space first. So I’ll have to wait a year or two.

One of the bushes we had when we moved in that never bloomed last year turned out to be a weigela. It’s in full bloom this year!

And to think we seriously considered cutting it out last year!

And then there’s the siberian irises, which have only just begun:


Until I moved in, I had no idea irises could be so tiny and delicate, yet still so tall!

This year, for the first year ever, I decided to experiment with some fussier flowers. I’ve always adored gladioli, but also felt that the idea of digging bulbs back up and storing them for the winter was overwhelming. This year, I picked up a bag of 30 bulbs, just to experiment.


Where I planted them is currently by a fence, right in the grass. Not ideal, but they are coming up anyhow! Not all of them, because I think I’ve got some squirrels that dig up and eat a few. I also put cannas in this year, and they, too, are already poking up through the ground. I am telling you, that back fence is going to be stunning in short order!

I guess you can tell where all my extra energy and introversion has gone, right into the garden. And I am just so pleased with it all. Mr. Ink’s been just as hard at work in the garden himself, planting trees, and attempting to plan a firepit, and working really hard at the front hill area. I bring home interesting plants, and he plants them on the hill. It’s a great arrangement, because as much as I hate shopping, as it turns out, I LOVE plant shopping. It’s like yarn shopping. So many pretty things, so little time!

My garden lacks yellows and reds, which are two of my favorite colors. It’s time to remedy that!



3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Sorry about your knitting but that is always a positive, you can start over. Love your handspun, it’s going to be a gorgeous shawl. Lovely photos !

  2. The shawl looks great and the garden sounds heavenly. Weigelia is one of my favorite shrubs- when we moved in I got two, a light pink and a dark pink. They are thriving in poor soil with loads of neglect. Who could ask for more? Yours will do even better, I am sure.

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