One Month

One month of self imposed knitting only as a craft. It didn’t go quite as I expected it to.

To recap, Mr. Ink’s mom fell and broke her hip, and then we unexpectedly had two weeks of family in town to deal with that and with the clean out of her apartment since she won’t be going back there.

I also invested in a fitness tracker and began seriously upping my movement on non bike days. This requires a time commitment, time which I would have previously been knitting.

And on top of that, we had some of the loveliest weather for gardening, another hobby of mine, and most of my extra knitting time was spent gardening.

Nonetheless, I finished three projects, using 1 skein of commercial yarn, 2 skeins of handspun, and a portion of a skein of laceweight.

I also completed a scarf that required two skeins of yarn, except that it was done incorrectly and I had to frog it. So, that’s two commercial skeins that went back into my stash for another day.

And, I started 3 new projects, 2 of which are handspun, and one which is commercial yarn. So, I guess that’s technically 3 more skeins out of stash, bringing the total to 2.

I also managed to, for the first time in almost 9 years of using ravelry, make a serious queue, choosing patterns and linking in stash yarn to those patterns. I almost think that was the most productive bit of the entire month! Being able to look at that queue and see what I was thinking at the time I picked a pattern has gone a long way to easing some of my too much yarn anxiety.

Anyhow, there’s the purple shawl from the other day, but it’s also time to show you what else I am knitting. I began the Quadri stole out of some handspun:


It’ll be a gradient when it’s done. I should have used slightly larger needles, but can you see the thicker squares anyhow? I am really enjoying knitting this. A lot of plain knitting with the enjoyment of moments of interest. Of course, I’ve really only just begun.

And then there’s a pair of socks. I’ve got them cast on and a little ribbing made, but that’s it. I have no clue what pattern I’ll use on these, but, beginning is half the battle.

Up tomorrow? Spinning, and where I am. There was something on the wheel when I put it away, so I can at least show that off!