Spinday is BACK Baby!


Yep, I finished those singles yesterday. Two out of the 4 colors, and all that remains is plying. I didn’t spend a ton of time spinning, but these batts, and the slightly thicker singles, went pretty quickly.

And in the garden? I’ve got my first roses blooming on our front hill.


And my purple iris bed is looking JUST amazing.


It was a colorful day in my garden! I really spent a ridiculous amount of time pulling an invasive weed out by the roots on our front hill this weekend. It’s tedious work, but Mr. Ink suggested to just use weed killer on the entire area, which would kill the plants too. I don’t like that option, so I’ll take the tedious option. If I keep at it, a little each day, I’ll probably be victorious. At least, my experience with the henbit in my ferns tells me that’ll be the case.

It’s shaping up to be a busy week around here! Hope your week goes very well!