Spinday is BACK Baby!


Yep, I finished those singles yesterday. Two out of the 4 colors, and all that remains is plying. I didn’t spend a ton of time spinning, but these batts, and the slightly thicker singles, went pretty quickly.

And in the garden? I’ve got my first roses blooming on our front hill.


And my purple iris bed is looking JUST amazing.


It was a colorful day in my garden! I really spent a ridiculous amount of time pulling an invasive weed out by the roots on our front hill this weekend. It’s tedious work, but Mr. Ink suggested to just use weed killer on the entire area, which would kill the plants too. I don’t like that option, so I’ll take the tedious option. If I keep at it, a little each day, I’ll probably be victorious. At least, my experience with the henbit in my ferns tells me that’ll be the case.

It’s shaping up to be a busy week around here! Hope your week goes very well!

7 thoughts on “Spinday is BACK Baby!

  1. garden and spins are looking fab! Roses and iris, huh? I still have daffies and muscari. early tulips just opening, and I saw buds on the bleeding heart yesterday. Things are at least a week behind normal here this year. I noticed at the end of the week that the leaves are really starting to pop – there’s a smudge of green on the hills now. πŸ™‚

    • Oh man, our daffies were gone by the end of march, we seem to be on the tail end of my largest iris beds. It’s amazing how different various zones can be. But, early or late start, I love this time of year!

      • In March I am desperately searching for some green anywhere. Last year in March we were still getting two blizzards a week, but thankfully, not this year! Our flowering shrubs are the prettiest they have ever been, they apparently like this weather. But the things in the ground are slow in poking out their heads. Yes, the zones really do demonstrate the differences in geography and climate, don’t they? We are zone 5 (now – got re-zoned from a 4) what zone are you?

      • 5! So, even zones aren’t particularly consistent! (We get VERY cold winters, but we are basically the land of extremes. Super cold, then warms up fast and stays very hot during the summer.

      • We rarely get hot, but our springs aren’t usually this cold! There was snow today at the northern half of the state. I heard they got 7 inches or so. It’s the latest for measurable snow on record. Crazy crazy. We were in the 40s, thank goodness for the ocean.

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