Drawing to a close

We are drawing to the close of our school year around here, Miss Butterfly only has a few days left, and I am not sure any of those days are of any actual scholastic importance at this point.

Meanwhile, we are going through all the transitions the end of the school year brings for a tween, and the anticipation of a new routine until next year (and middle school!) begins. Right now, she’s desperately trying to finish up a book her teacher loaned her that she’s loving, but knows she needs to finish in just a few days.

She’s reading everywhere, and sometimes makes faces when I try to take photos. There should be a website somewhere that just posts photos of children reading, it’s basically one of my favorite things.

I’ve had a busy week too, awards nights and bike rides and social engagements. Not a lot of time for the knitting, but I’ve made progress on my Quadri. I am really enjoying this scarf. It’s pretty basic knitting, the yarn is gorgeous, and it’s a comfort knit.


I really look forward to seeing it blocked! But, it’s slow going.

Even slower going is my haruni shawl now. I average about 2 rows a day on it at the moment. Lots of stitches on the needles, lots of careful pattern reading. It’ll be stunning when it’s done, but it’s on the tedious side right now. And all scrunched up on needles, so not really in a place where I can manage to show it off.

In the gardening world, not much new to report. I’ll be heading to my favorite plant shop tonight to pick up a few things, but we are basically at the end of the first brilliant garden moments, and we’ll have to wait for the next surge. It’s a matter of taking care now.

Have a happy rest of your week!