Simply Gardening

I’ve been knitting too, I promise! But the longest rows of my haruni shawl are just not very interesting to photograph right now. However, once it’s done, it’ll be fun to show off. Until then, it’s gardening.

Mr. Ink and I decided today that we wanted to change up one of our flower beds. I’ve got tons and tons of irises, all of the same color. We decided to remove one iris bed, with the anticipation of expanding that bed, putting nice edgers in, and then planting other plants more our style in it. I think it’s likely that this iris bed has been around for 30-40 years, and it was madly overgrown. I had pulled out quite a few irises last weekend, but you wouldn’t know it when I started yanking in earnest.

Naturally, I forgot before photos, so these’ll have to do.

I kept pulling up one iris, only to come up with these immense root systems. Example:


Once all the living irises were out, I raked the entire bed out, and uncovered another layer of dead and rotting rhizomes underneath.  And a large flat rock, which I will take pictures of another time.

This afternoon, I intend to remove the one burgundy iris from my vegetable garden, and put it into the iris bed I am not touching. Then perhaps, in the future, I’ll just get in the habit of looking for and adding different iris colors in the one iris bed. That could be a fun project.

Miss Butterfly got a new hairdo! That’s our other news. Her father set up an appointment with someone he knows, getting her a very good and needed trim, and then they added a little color. She’s madly pleased with it!

And I think it looks pretty cute too! Since the start of show choir, she’s been really into trying to do her own hair. She’ll get out her curling wand, and does a good job on that all on her own, but has only just discovered my straightener, and is quite interested in that as well. All signs of tweeniness if you ask me!

And I can’t possibly leave you without a picture of our latest vase. Miss Butterfly decided that she wanted to also add in the flowers from my ferns, so it’s not just peonies this time!


We are so fortunate to have so much color in our lives!