Sunday Spinday

This morning we head out earlier than usual for a bike ride. It’s the birthday of a cycling friend we lost in January, and a memorial ride has been organized. I am really looking forward to the ride, the community gathering, and honoring one who meant so much to us in a way he’d appreciate.

So, I doubt a lot of crafting will be done today, instead I’ll show off the bits of spinning I got done yesterday in between all the gardening. I started with the 3rd of the batts I spun last weekend.


This one is by far the darkest batt. Look at all that fun add in goodness! I kept at it, and pretty soon was also able to get halfway through the lightest batt.


I should have a completed project in the next few days, if I just stick with it.

I also plied up my yellow singles, because I just didn’t want that many singles left over from a project. I figured plying would give the yarn more life in my stash. I ended up with 140 yards of a 2 ply yarn.


I almost like it better as a 2 ply!

In gardening news, my yellow mini roses are now in a container, rather than inside.


We didn’t do much with containers last year, so it’s been fun putting some together this year.

And, I do believe I promised a picture of a large rock I found in the iris bed. It was obviously placed there as a decorative piece, but left so long that the irises just grew over it completely.


It’s very large, larger than my head, and it is sparkly. And it clearly needs a wash.

Mr. Ink tilled up all the dirt in the former iris bed yesterday and cleaned up my mess. (As well as grading a rather wet area of the yard and then laying a bunch of sod, and helping me fix the wooden garden edgers in the final iris bed that were navigating quite far from their intended places.)

Yesterday was a very at home day, but it was also a very productive and beautiful day! I appreciated it so much. Having a home that I truly love goes makes weekends particularly special.