Graduation Day

Wow was yesterday ever eventful! We went on our memorial bike ride for a friend we lost early this year. Mr. Ink and I decided to do the mountain bike portion of the ride, since that’s our preference and the weather was fantastic for it. And it’ll rain all this week, rendering the trails unusable again. It was a good ride, many riders, and even some that were slower than me! That was new. Unfortunately though, I took a pretty nasty spill, highly unusual on that trail, and will be paying for that little problem for awhile.

After the ride we went to the lunch, meeting up with the pavement riders. I had brought irises for people to take, since I have so many. I was able to get rid of all my irises, and a woman who I didn’t know even tried to pay me for some. “No no,” I said, “This is a situation where I am ready to pay people to take them off my hands!”

I have today off for Miss Bug’s graduation, after this I’ve got a middle schooler!

I was also able to cast off and block my Haruni shawl last evening, want to see?

I am thrilled with it! The petals are gorgeous, and my yarn looks great. I am very pleased with this one! It was a fun knit too, easier than I imagined it would be. The blocking of it was the hardest bit.

And on to gardening. I promised an after photo of the iris bed we cleaned out. Mr. Ink spent the time tilling that dirt, so it’s all ready to go, except that we want to edge it differently and expand it as well.


As for what we’ll put in there, I’ve no clue yet. But we are already pleased to have pulled out those irises.

And, I’ve been on rose watch for these red roses for quite some time. Last year they didn’t do well at all, I got about 3 blooms all summer long and that was it. I’ve got 3 blooms already and more on their way this year!

I look forward to seeing this rose come into it’s own.

And, that’s my weekend report! It was another very good one, extremely productive and outdoor oriented, just how we like them around here!