A New Project

Awhile back I made these batts:


They were meant to be a gradient, but, as you can see, that didn’t quite work out. So, instead I’ve decided to spin them up as a 4 ply. I’ve stripped each batt up into small pieces to work with, so that there will be a lot of color changes. I am considering doing a double marl on one bobbin to further blend these colors. Here’s the first bobbin:


It’s working up nicely! Pretty much on par for these batts I’ve been making that I love spinning so much!

Miss Butterfly and I have often been taking walks together in the neighborhood. Last evening, we walked by a cul de sac, and a little dog came out to greet us. He was unleashed, and very trusting and confident. He basically just went on a walk with us, acting like he was on a leash the entire time.


I’ve often wanted to borrow a neighbor dog to walk, as I miss being able to do that with our own. But this little bit of business was a complete surprise! He had a little red bandana, and was perfectly groomed. We decided we’d better walk back to his cul de sac after our walk, or he’d just follow us home. Even as we were trying to leave, he was looking over his shoulder to see if we’d be coming with him. I imagined him going back to his owners with us and saying “Can I keep them? Please please?!” ¬†Unfortunately, he wasn’t terribly easy to ditch, as when we’d head home, he’d come with us. We had to get some of the neighborhood kids to hold him back. So cute, so sweet, he makes someone a very good companion. But, if I had that dog? ¬†I would not be leaving him unleashed!