A Bit of Spinning Was Had

I got out and took a picture of that tree in it’s place yesterday evening, since I failed to get a picture to post before.


I have also finally learned that it is some type of bald cypress. It took me awhile! I’ve been informed that trees which were ordered last month are on their way, so I guess we’ll have more? Mr. Ink also showed me his master plan. Apparently he’s put the entire property on graph paper, identified what trees and shrubs he’s going to add, and made a key with little circles for the placement of the trees and a list of those trees.

I asked him if this had any effect on my garden plans. I was told that it does not. Thankfully! Because lately I’ve been making big garden plans as well. 🙂

We tried some bare root plants this year, 2 elderberry bushes and a rose. I was quite concerned that none of them would work, as seeing bare root plants is disconcerting at best! But no, they ended up being JUST FINE, there’s so much growth on both elderberries, and my rose is showing signs of growth as well. So exciting!

I had just sat down to do a little spinning last evening, out on the patio, and grabbed a photo:


When Mr. Ink said he was going to water, turned on the water, and realized that the outdoor faucet was broken. Ok then! Off to the hardware store we went, and while we were there, we purchased the final 7 boards we need for the fence project. I guess painting is on the list of things I need to do this evening. The faucet is now fixed, which is great news. But it’s another evening gone, and very little spinning done despite having set aside the time for it. Oh well! Finished home projects also give me joy. Thank goodness!