Distraction with Flowers?

It’s today in my garden time again, because I’ve nothing else to show off. I mean, quite literally, no knitting or spinning has been done. It’s been gardening and staining boards and parenting, getting Miss Butterfly ready and packed for camp, summer doctor’s appointments, etc.


But, the spiderwort is blooming like mad, I love this plant so much in all it’s oddness. It looks like jewelry, or something. It certainly doesn’t look quite natural. I think this one will get divided this fall, it’s probably time, and it’s in a super odd place.

The first lily is up as well!


I’ve got just a few of these lovely yellow lilies, and quite honestly, I don’t know how many others I’ve given away or dug out. But, this one will stay, because these are the ones I love. I see an orange one about to bloom as well, maybe tomorrow even.


Actually, it seems to be yellow time in the garden, because the coreopses is out as well.

Speaking of growing, my kid just grows up before my very eyes. She absconded with my aviator sunglasses and made them hers. I snapped this picture, and realized she’s older than I think.


Maybe I’ll have time for some crafting this weekend! But…I wouldn’t count on it!

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