Art and Garden and So On

We went to a small event a friend of ours was putting on called Artists in the Garden. Mostly garden art, all made by local artists. Another friend’s husband has been making metal art for gardens for ages, and I’ve always admired his sense of fun and imagination. We ended up picking up two things, the first of which is my favorite. Here’s Joe, our garden monster.


He’s currently residing in my shade garden, hopefully giving the rabbits a really good scare. From the same artist, I couldn’t resist a little garden spider:


I am really fond of all things spider, and this guy really made me happy.

Once we returned from the show, I got it in my head that I needed to edge our redbud tree. This is the tree we planted as a memorial to Coco the dog who passed on last summer. He even has a headstone. So I figured that I could use the headstone as an edger and work around it. I measured my radius (look at me using my high school math!) and figured out how many edgers I’d need, and headed out to the hardware store. I admit, I picked up the cheapest option, rather than something beautiful. My goal is just to make  it look nicer, cut back on the weeds, and make it easier to mow!


This is the before picture. I planted mums and petunias already, and they are doing ok. But, Mr. Ink had removed some sod behind the marker, and it filled in with yucky undesirable grass instead. I used some yarn and a can of spray paint to make my circle. I tied the yarn to the base of the tree, pulled it out as far as I wanted my circle, and then sprayed around the tree keeping my yarn taut.


Then I got to digging! It was a lot of work, between the digging and the bringing the stones up the steps and into the yard, but hey, it’s exercise.


Mostly dug up! Mr. Ink took all the sod pieces and put them in other areas of the yard that needed filling in. He’s really good that way, always reusing what I dig up. I also told him that now would be a good time to add better soil to that tree if he’d like, and he was thrilled. He’s recently tested our soil and found it severely lacking, so when I offered this, his response was “YES! I have been WANTING to do that!!!”  This is great, because it really meant all I needed to do was get the edgers put in, and he’d mess around with the rest.


Since this photo was taken, I’ve filled in the outside. I was instructed to fill in the outside with dirt from the inside. I asked Mr. Ink if he’d like me to remove the flowers, but he promised to work around them. Next time you see it, it’ll be properly mulched! I have the intention of adding crocus and hyacinth bulbs to this bed once fall comes along, it should be a pleasant pop of color in the springtime.

What else? Oh, that orange lily that I spoke of in my last post was wide open last evening!


I had to hold it still, it’s as high as my shoulder and was whipping around like mad in the wind due to an impending storm last evening.

That’s….about it from here today. I DO have knitting to show off, but I never seem to find the inspiration to just take it outside for a photograph. Tomorrow, perhaps.

3 thoughts on “Art and Garden and So On

  1. I enjoyed this post. It was an easy feel good kind of read. I love these☺ Btw the monster is adorable.

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