Actual Spinning Progress

I started plying all the green! It’s a 4 ply this time, in order to blend up the green as well as possible, as I was not at all pleased about the batt blending.


Fresh this morning picture. I think it’s going to be very interesting yarn once it’s done, there’s a lot of green tones, it’s overall well blended, and I kind of love the mint green silk noil throughout.

I also have a mostly finished picture of yesterday’s project, Coco’s tree.


Mr. Ink dug out around the tree, removed the plants, added dirt that was far better than our soil naturally is, replanted my plants, and then ran out of mulch! So it’s mostly done. And it looks so much better than it did. The true test, if it makes it easier to mow, comes today. It is PAST time to mow!

Mr. Ink, who I am starting to think just loves digging holes, started another project yesterday.


In the left corner you can see the new bald cypress, and behind Mr. Ink  you can see Coco’s tree.

Now we’ve got 3 new junipers between the two.


And that’s about it for updates from  yesterday! Today we are hoping to get the fence project finished, as we’ve 7 more stained boards to add to the 13 we put up last weekend. I don’t think either of us are looking forward to it, because we’ve been wandering around, doing yoga, and considering a nap at this early hour. Last week’s fence project was SO hot and muggy and miserable, it’s hard to get back at it.

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