Green Batts

I started with this:


And ended up with 355 yards of 4 ply yarn, worsted weight.


It’s nice! Fairly well blended, the neon green doesn’t really stick out like a sore thumb anymore. I’d say there are very few spots where the neon green stands alone, it’s mostly blended with darker and more muted colors. I think I managed to accomplish my goal!

On Saturday when I’d picked up the edgers for Coco’s tree, I also decided it was time to put in a hook for hanging baskets. When I finished the yarn and it needed to dry, I realized that the point of the baskets was less about having pretty flowers, and more about the fact I’ve been missing having  place to hang my yarn since we moved into this house. For 8.5 years I had hooks on the porch for my yarn. During the first summer, I missed that immensely. This summer? I’d forgotten about it until I bought the hanging basket stand.


I do intend to fill those baskets today though!

One more moment from yesterday, the moment where after 2 weeks of hard work, we finished repairing the fence. It’s as done as it’s going to be this year. Next year we can replace old boards again, and maybe start fixing it section by section as well. But we are calling it good this year.


Hopefully by the end of this summer, that entire section in front of the fence will be gardens. It is my intention that I’ll have so much garden as to be almost ridiculous. As it is right now, I’ve already got cannas, gladiolis, purple cone flowers, irises, and day lilies up along that fence. I can’t imagine how much better everything will grow once we replace with better dirt in an actual garden!

Believe it or not, I’ve got pictures for a post tomorrow too! Right. Even I cannot believe it. 🙂

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