A Bit More Spinning

I took Miss Bug to camp on Sunday afternoon, and once home, tried to figure out if I wanted to do more digging, or just general clean up and relaxing. The general clean up and relaxing won out, surprisingly enough. Mostly because it was too late to start a new project and actually finish. Sometimes my inspiration to finish projects during the evenings on a week day is pretty low, so I like to have major stuff wrapped up if possible.

So, instead I wandered around my garden picking pretty flowers for a vase. They aren’t dramatic like peonies, but they ARE pretty. Yarrow, mums, coreopsis, and showy evening primrose.


It’s sweet and cheerful and makes me happy to see them in my home.

One of my favorite things about gardening is when plants show promise. And this is a fine example. We put a rose in this year, and I admit I was fearful it would never bother to grow. But it shows promise.


I really hope to see more soon, but this one tiny bit of growth makes me think it’ll be just fine.

Speaking of hope, that’s also the way I feel about a brand new spinning project.


Such as this one! Mad Hatter from BMFA, I am just in love with what is happening on this bobbin!

3 thoughts on “A Bit More Spinning

  1. Beautiful flowers and spinning! I hear you – evening projects need to be short and simple, or need to be a clear “phase 1” of a longer project.

    Last night I planted 4 tomato plants and skimmed the pool. It seemed like enough for chores. Then I carded wool and spun for an hour or so. I hope to someday make things as pretty as yours, with enough practice. 🙂

    • Nice job on the planting and the spinning! I need to put in more cherry tomatoes, the two I put in were tiny, and they got eaten.

      Keep at that spinning, I promise, you’ll be where you want soon enough! 🙂

      • better that the tomatoes get eaten than that the plants do! Good luck with the next batch. 🙂 And I will keep spinning, I love it.

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