All About the Garden

As I mentioned, over the weekend I purchased a shepherd’s hook and some hanging baskets. I was so excited to spend Monday evening at my favorite plant store, purchasing plants for those baskets. Which I did. I got home, and happily mixed peat moss and potting soil for those baskets, and then spent a lovely time putting all the plants I’d purchased into the hanging baskets. Mr. Ink suggested that I add some of the german ivy we’ve been tending too all year indoors, so I divided that out too. It was great fun!

I then picked up the baskets, and noticed they were quite heavy. In fact, I am fairly strong, but I had trouble lifting them up and placing them on the shepherd’s hook. And that’s when I had a problem. It quickly became clear that my shepherd’s hook was not up to the task of those two large baskets. It bowed out from the base, and wobbled dangerously. So I took the baskets back down, so disappointed!

I told Mr. Ink that I had a problem. In my head, I had already decided to find a heavier duty hook, I wasn’t about to replace the beautiful baskets I’d just created! And then he suggested exactly the same. But he thought I could not find a better shepherd’s hook at a big box hardware store, so we went out to the fanciest flower/landscaping shop in town, where we picked the MOST heavy duty hook we could find. This one was so heavy that I could barely carry it, it was good that Mr. Ink was there. We got it home, in it went, and I got to hang my baskets.


I need a couple more plugs of something that’ll hang off the other side, but they are looking pretty good! The bonus to this solution is that I now get to create two more baskets, albeit smaller, for over near the shade garden. That’s great news for me, since I really want a begonia and did not pick one up yet! And maybe a martha washington geranium. Or, you know, whatever catches my eye that day at the flower shop.

Mr. Ink and I are now talking about what we will do about overwintering many of our pretty plants. We already have many happy houseplants, so we are going to need an additional space near the front windows.

As you may have noticed, I rather love spiders, especially orb weavers. So, this morning I took my coffee out to do my usual walk through the garden and inspection of it, and noticed this:


Yep, overnight an orb weaver took up residence in my new hanging baskets. She must have known about me!

I came home yesterday and realized that our front yard was looking so pretty. The pink roses which bloomed nicely last year are about double the productivity this year. There are so many blooms that it’s actually hard for me to see where I need to deadhead.


And what else? One teeny tiny praying mantis on the side of my home.


Hello buddy! You are welcome here!

3 thoughts on “All About the Garden

  1. Most people may not think this… but the spider web is an amazing feat… the picture you took made me think about this… makes me always feel a bit guilty when I brush/sweep these away (did you leave it be… or did you remove it?)

    • I love spiders! I’d never remove it unless it was impeding traffic. I think they are fascinating creatures, and it’s just a bonus that they also help reduce the buggy population.

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