Weekend Update

It’s hot here guys! Very hot. I can’t say much other than basic watering and trimming has gotten done in our yard. In fact, the basic watering and trimming is all being done in very short bursts, and then I come indoors to cool off. The advantage to this is that I’ve let the house go a bit for all the enjoyment of getting stuff done outside, so this weekend has been a great opportunity to get so much done inside.

I’ve also spun, when not being productive.


Or rather, plied. In fact, I managed to finish 400 yards of two ply yarn, and that was quite exciting.


I am extremely fond of this yarn! It’s light and airy, and since it’s a fractal, the colors play so nicely with each other. I am well pleased!

And, now for a quick garden tour? We have this ridiculous lily. It’s as tall as my shoulder, but right out in front of the garden. It needs to be moved, and it will be. But for now, we are allowing it one more season where it’s at.


It’ll get moved once it’s done blooming.

Mr. Ink also found these on his bank:


He wanted me to try to figure out what they were so that he could decide if he should yank or keep them. We are perfectly ok with wild flowers, and from what I can tell, it may be a feverfew. As of right now, it gets to stay. The pollinators love it.

In a few minutes, I do believe that we are taking the truck and heading out to get some rocks. Rocks that will become the retaining walls of my shade garden. And once that’s done, we get to start a very long process of edging in all the garden I want. And I want a LOT of garden. Mr. Ink is worried I cannot fill the space. I can fill it. I assured him, I can fill it! I’ll be taking before and after photos as usual!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. beautiful yarn! I am glad it was too hot to work outside, and you had to stay in and make yarn. 🙂 As for “filling” a garden, tell Mr. Ink no worries, plants thrive and grow and spread, it will get full. 🙂

    • Thank you! It was a very pleasant yarn making session. And you know, I told Mr. Ink I welcome the challenge of filling it in! I love plants, and there’s never enough real estate to have all I want. I think he feels the same about trees.

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