I AM Knitting!


Quite a bit actually! I just can never be bothered to bring this outdoors to photograph it. Plus, it just looks….sad…in its current unblocked state. I know it’ll be stunning once it’s done, but it is NOT stunning now. But the colors are lovely! It is a bit of a slog though, that’s laceweight singles that are handspun, and so its growth doesn’t seem particularly fast.

Despite saying we wouldn’t be doing anything over the weekend, we actually did something. We went out and chose stones for our massive garden project. Then we picked up the first load. This will be a long project, but we are just going to work at it bit by bit.


We did have a great time wandering around the stone place, and contemplating what we envisioned for the garden. I think we’ve got a bunch of great ideas floating around, it’ll just take time and hard work to put them together. Here’s where we’ll start.


This is my shade bed. I don’t know if you can tell on this picture, but that wood retaining wall has bowed out badly from the garage, and you can see where it is supposed to begin before the siding. It’s so far out from the siding right now! We’ll be replacing this with stone, then we’ll head up toward that red fence with the stone as edging. I have already moved the lady’s mantle there in the front, as there’s no way we can build a new stone retaining area with it sitting right there. I can’t wait to get this one done! I am really looking forward to not seeing that awful gap anymore. It really harshes my mellow!

I am feeling so fortunate at the moment that we purchased a house with things that could require updating, but nothing is immediately needed indoors. Or rather, we’ve done what immediately needed to be done, the kitchen floor and the bathroom shower. I know that both Mr. Ink and I would prefer to be outdoors in the summer, and choosing the yard over the house makes us happier people overall. Especially this time of year. I know that in the future we’ll redo the kitchen and the small bathroom, but for now? For now, we get to do the bits that make us happiest. And that’s good fun!


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