A Spinning Post

I started a new project over the weekend, after the last lovely skein was completed. I’ve been adding batts from various creators to my stash lately, but I haven’t spun any of them. I’d been too interested in using my own batts I created at around the same time.

But, I’d also joined a 6 month fat cat knits fiber club, (probably more accurately a personal spinning subscription) and I had 4 batts in my stash, and another one on the way this week. I figured I’d better grab one of those batts and get started.


This is the batt in question. It actually has quite a bit of white fiber under the rich colors shown on the outside. I really struggled to figure out how to spin this one, but have finally settled on a rather thicker than normal (for me) single. Something that lines up with what my go to 2 ply would result in.


It’s a nice chunky batt, which I am really into these days.


And after 3 days of spinning, I am working my way into the darker green. It’s quite lovely at the moment, and I am enjoying the spin. It’s amazing how quickly my crafting productivity goes up as the temps get into the unbearable region!

But, my moss roses are loving the current temps:


I bought these plugs this spring, but wasn’t sure where to put them. When Mr. Ink did all his massive work on one of the front retaining walls, he ended up having a ton of space to plant in afterwards. That area gets a ton of sun, and moss roses seem to really enjoy the sun, so I gave them to him. I think they look fantastic by the junipers, and I hope they spread nicely over the year. I know that they are technically an annual, but I’ve had mine come back a second year in the past, so maybe we’ll see them again next year.

I am really hoping that I’ll have a little progress on my wall to post tomorrow, but it’s hot, so no guarantees! I hope everyone else is staying cooler than we are!

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