Something Quick

As a palate cleanser from the very long slog of handspun laceweight singles I am knitting, I started a 3 way fun cowl.


Guys? This pattern is ridiculously quick! And lovely! It’s handspun from wool that I blended on my drum carder, and it’s working very well with this pattern. Seriously, I can’t put this one down!

There’s also been some progress with those rocks. And I am so pleased. All the wood edging and wall is gone now, and we began the rock wall. We ran out of rocks, so I need to get another load tonight. But it has begun! And I am absolutely thrilled with it so far, it’s SUCH an improvement.


I had this moment of realization that I was losing garden space right there, I’ll only have the hosta left, my lady’s mantle won’t fit anymore. And then I realized I was losing a tiny bit of space here at the beginning, but gaining an entire yard worth of garden as I continue around the fence line! Plus, moving the garden away from the siding and appropriately to the foundation seems like a very good idea long term!

I am certainly having one of those days where all I want to do is get done with work. Tonight will consist of a load of rocks picked up, a shipment of bulbs and seeds to plant, bread to bake, and a wall to finish. What could be better?

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