Spinning and Gardening

I am never quiet sure what to start with, the spinning pictures, which is probably what you come here for anyhow, or the gardening, saving the spinning pics ’till last?

I guess I’ll go traditional this time, spinning first.


I moved from all green tones, to green with blue. Then moved right on into green/mostly blue/purple.


Good stuff! I am actually pretty close to done now, there’s really not that much purple. This is where it was this morning when I left for work. Spinning batts really is my favorite. Well almost my favorite. (Loop clouds are my absolute favorite.)

In garden news, I’ve got another evening’s worth of work on our garden wall. It looks so good!

And so so so different from the old, bowing wood edgers. It’s really SO much better! So, I am off after work for another load of rocks for Mr. Ink.

I, too, managed to get so much done in the garden last evening. When I got home last evening there were two packages. One for Mr. Ink and one for me, and both were plants. That’s what an addiction looks like. I had gotten a bunch of bulbs. It’s too late really, but they were on sale so I thought I’d give them a shot, even if I don’t get good flowers, they may live until next year if I can get them started once this year. Except the dahlias. Those should be just fine.

Now, I did something sort of dumb earlier this year. The thing is, I wasn’t thinking that we would get to making all around the edges of the yard a garden this year. I figured it would be in the future. So, I planted gladiolus and cannas right under the sod up near the fence. Now I am having to consider the idea of digging out sod while working it gently away from the plants in the next few weeks. So, when I went to plant the dahlias, I decided I wasn’t about to make the same mistake again, and I dug up the sod and gave it to Mr. Ink to plant elsewhere, then planted and fertilized the dahlias, and covered the dirt in mulch.


Since that all will become garden in the fairly near future, I’ve gotten a head start on the miserable process of sod digging. I did this in other sections of lawn as well, it took quite awhile. I also planted begonias and caladium, though I am not done with the caladium yet.

Our excessive heat has begun very early this year, which has been challenging. It was so sudden that we went from wanting to spend ALL of our time outdoors to being miserable outdoors while trying to continue on the yard progress. Every single day is a new heat advisory. Well, that means that we can no longer get away without watering our lawn. We were already working so hard to keep our flowers and plants watered, but now the lawn needs it too. So, Mr. Ink hooked up a very good sprinkler last evening that hit 3/4 of  our yard all at once. If you’ve seen our yard, you will know this is an impressive feat. But I had to dig up sod and plant dahlias! As it turns out, sod is easier to dig up when it’s wet anyhow, and with the heat so miserable, I decided to just go about my business, yelping every time that sprinkler came around. It worked! The sod was easier to dig, and I was less miserably hot at the end of the evening. In fact, not only did I find the heat tolerable, I was cooler once indoors and slept better too! I think I’ll just make a habit of gardening with a sprinkler on from here on out!