Next Project

I find myself in the position of choosing two new projects all in a day. A knitting one and a spinning one!


I finished my first fat cat knits batt, and it is PRETTY! It’s bright and fun, and while I wasn’t sure how I felt about all the white in the batt, I think it really looks lovely in the skein! I ended up with 610 yards of fingeringweight yarn. It’s one I am enjoying the idea of having in my stash!

As discussed yesterday, the random number generator picked my next knitting project out of my Rav queue. And it didn’t disappoint, it chose a thicker yarn again. I’ll be knitting Dangling Conversation out of this handspun loop yarn:


I think that’ll suit me fine as I continue in the process of working on my handspun laceweight singles project.

In gardening news, not much new to report since Mr. Ink and I attended some live music rather than gardening. We’ll see what today brings us in that regard. But, a new lily has made it’s appearance.


It’s an all time favorite of mine! Something about those colors are so charming to me!

One thought on “Next Project

  1. I love the random number generator idea! I might try it this winter. Right now I have required knitting keeping me busy.

    The green skein did come out beautifully, and you got a good amount of yardage, which will be nice!

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