Spinning, and something a bit different

Anyone who knows me, knows well that I hate shopping. Even when it comes to things I like, flowers, or yarn, or fiber, I still hate shopping. I never shop just to look, there’s always a purpose. But, even when I have a purpose, I might not go shopping.

Mr. Ink is a shopper! Mostly a shopper with a purpose, but he has no problem going shopping. And he had some coupons, so we headed to the store. I desperately need some new clothes, both work clothes and play clothes. So, I managed to find some of those, and then I headed over to check out throw pillows.

You see, I have a couch and a loveseat that I got before Miss Bug was born. Since she’s almost 12 now, they are getting old and worn, but I am not really willing to invest in something new yet. Add to that the fact that we purchased a rug I am absolutely in love with when we moved in, with colors matching my couch set, and I have a vested interest in keeping with the current couch.

Probably the biggest issue with the couch is the matching throw pillows. They are beat up. They had a child grow up on them, there’s one with a hole in it that she cut with scissors, and one with marker marks, and then in general the seams are not doing so well. I’ve been on this quest to find new pillows but nothing has really pleased me yet. And, I am in no hurry because I don’t like to shop.

But today? Today I found the perfect pillows.


They match the couch perfectly, but even better? They match the rug perfectly.


These are the pillows that were meant to breathe new life into my couch. Unfortunately, I could only find two. Another two will be searched for soon.

In spinning, I started a new project. It’s a braid of merino top from The Dyeing Arts. It’s got absolutely rich saturated colors, and I am going to make a 3 ply.


A nice, thin, Shells Style 3 ply. I am looking forward to it!

9 thoughts on “Spinning, and something a bit different

  1. Amazing to find such a great match! Of course, you COULD spin some matching yarn and knit the other pillows so you don’t have to go shopping again, you know that, right? 😉

    • I told Mr. Ink about your comment. He said “Yeah! Why DON’T you knit pillow covers?” I told him I didn’t know, but probably because I didn’t want to, plus I’d not thought of it. He said “Maybe I should learn to sew!” Which is hilarious since neither of us can keep up with all our current hobbies as it is!

      • Not wanting to is all the reason you need.

        Of course, you COULD learn to weave and then spin the yarn, weave the fabric, sew the pillow cover. That would mean years of learning, and buying a lo9om. Seems simpler to go back and buy another set of cushions, doesn’t it? 🙂

      • I….have a loom! It’s just not quite big enough to do a pillow sized piece. I think searching the other store nearby will yield matching cushions, and we’ll probably use the time to visit Mr. Ink’s mom, and go out to dinner or something.

      • oops – I thought I was introducing a new craft to you, lol. Yes, by all means, go shopping and visiting and eating out. It’s cheaper. 🙂

  2. I’m not a big shopper either; I end up buying a lot online. So glad you found new matching pillows! I’ve had the similar problems finding pillows to replace the ones that came with our now 11 year old couch.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty clear that color trends have changed drastically in the past 11 years! I had a pretty hard time finding anywhere that put olive green and burgundy together. Olive green and orange? Lots of that. But not so much with the olive green and burgundy.

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