Garden progress.

It was another miserably hot weekend around here, completely¬†unrelenting. Which is absolutely the theme of this year. Despite this, Mr. Ink seemed to be motivated to work on the garden wall again. As I saw him out there digging up sod, I realized that the sod digging was a bit of business that I could actually help with while he worked on placing rocks. So, I told him to outline me an area I could dig, and then I got to work. Thankfully, we had some unexpected rain the night before, soaking the ground enough to make sod digging a little less miserable than it could be. And, after I’d dug up some very nice rectangles of sod that he could place elsewhere in the yard, he decided I was far better at it than he was, and he’d continue on the rocks if I’d continue on the sod. Not surprising, as destroying things is always easier for me than building them. Our garden now has a wall, a border, a little more area for plants, and it’s ready for the next step.


It needs to head up toward those day lilies I planted just to keep them for the season, and then take a hard left to the fenceline. That’s a ton of sod digging. Thankfully, it’s supposed to rain this week.

Also of note, see those two hanging baskets up there? I purchased them because they are lighter and smaller than the last set, so I was assuming that they’d work for the shepherd’s hook that was sorta cheap. They had been working, until we got rain. And then? Well, that hook bowed just as bad as before. Mr. Ink says he’s going to make me some even lighter dirt, and we’ll see if that works. If it doesn’t? I have half a mind to take it back to the store and ask them what they are thinking, selling a shepherd’s hook for two baskets that has NO WAY of working for two baskets. (This is a pattern, I’ve gotten quite surly lately. Mr. Ink says it’s because I am almost 40, and getting surly is a pleasant result of ageing. He may be right.)

This weekend I got smart, and planned in some down time. We decided to drive out to a state park not too far away, a park that has a pretty decent water park area. We took Miss Bug’s friend, as we’d made the mistake last year of just taking her, and she didn’t allow us one moment of downtime. This year was much improved, we didn’t see the girls all that often, they checked in with us from time to time, and then off they’d go together having a great time. Despite applications of spf50 every hour, I am quite burned. Basically, with my skin, if I plan to be outdoors, it’s all about mitigating disaster, rather than keeping from burning. After swimming for quite some time, we had a picnic lunch, then back in the pool for about an hour, then headed home. The trip home, after a day of two girls swimming like crazy:


Very quiet, eyes hardly even open.

In the garden itself, we’ve got a new beauty opened, another lily.


It’s one of my favorites, it’s such a rich hot pink color! And, I brought these petunias back from the brink of disaster. I’d planted them in our sedum bed, which, as it turns out, has very very poor soil. I guess now I know why only sedum is planted there. These lovely petunias came so very close to dying, but I transplanted them to Coco’s tree once I added the edgers, better soil, and mulch. They are coming along quite well now!


There’s another I saved, I had to cut it all back off to the ground, but it has sprouted a new piece of greenery now. I don’t know what it’s color is, so I am waiting to see the first flower. And another two I had to cut back to the ground that may just be dead. We’ll see!