A Solstice Breather

Yesterday morning I woke up, looked at the weather, and saw that it was only supposed to get to 87F that day. So, I went outside for my morning garden tour, but it was humid and absolutely disgusting. And I said to Mr. Ink that I did not believe the weather one bit.

During the day, a line of storms rolled through. They didn’t really hit us, we got just a tiny bit of rain, but it did bring in some cooler weather. By the time Mr. Ink got home, it was 75F, cooler than the start of the day, and not humid. We had planned to visit his mother and run some errands, but I begged to stay home to mow in the far more comfortable weather. We didn’t stop yardwork until 9:30 p.m. Dinner was late. And fast. And postponing errands to work in the yard was a lovely solstice breather to the unrelenting heat. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to complain about the heat, it’s supposed to ramp back up again today.

I may not be loving the heat, but you know what is? My Cannas! I just love the way they grow, the huge paddle shaped leaves curled up and then unfurling with so much potential! I swear, I’ve never met a flower easier to grow. (Despite the fussiness of taking them out of the ground and storing them in the fall.)


I planted a bunch of them this year, and their numbers have probably doubled from what I started with. It’s wild! They love the fence line, they care not one bit about being in really cruddy dirt, and if I water them, they double in size it seems. Eventually we’ll get all the way around to them with the garden project, but for now they are doing JUST FINE as they are.

The break in heat provided me with a tiny bit of this:


Patio spin time! Mr. Ink decided to work on yanking out some paper mulberries, and I took the opportunity to first really clean off the patio, sweeping it well and rearranging, and then bring out my wheel. It wasn’t lengthy but it was lovely!

And, finally, a knitting picture. I did start that dangling conversation pattern out of a loop handspun skein. It has beads, and I was able to stash dive for them. They are large, as my yarn is a worsted weight yarn, and I don’t actually have enough to finish. So, on the list of errands I need to manage tonight is a trip to a store to get more beads.

img_4406You can see that I am now working my way into some brown. I am enjoying this easy, comfortable knit!

5 thoughts on “A Solstice Breather

  1. Glad you got a brief respite from the heat. They are warning us that the really nasty stuff may finally get to us later in the week – we have been enjoying a nice stretch this week. Had to end eventually.

    Your garden looks amazing, even your poor soil does wonders. Must be the love. And of course, spinning on the patio is a good thing. 🙂

      • I hope it comes with rain, even if it is thunderstorms. We are seriously water deprived around here – not a drought, but it seems we get our rain in bunches, and now we are back to dusty soil and watering. Sigh. And it was actually a bit warm and humid last night, I considered the pool, but was too tired to change my clothes, lol.

  2. Oh what a fun solstice activity. ! ! IT was hotter than the 4th of July here yesterday. I dont like sitting in the a/c but there was no real option otherwise. Today is comfortable low 80s. I need to weed a bit now and pull out our last dead rose bush.
    I love to read your posts

    • Thank you! I wish I had more time to weed this morning, in the cool air. We got another nice soaking rain overnight, and it would have been the perfect weeding morning!

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