Another Blissful Morning

Last evening was nice and hot again, I wasn’t wrong in how fast that heat would return. We ran our errands, and visited Mr. Ink’s mom, and went out to dinner. That was a nice break from yard work. Upon our return, it was time to water, and then I basically fell in bed exhausted. That heat REALLY can take it out of you!

But this morning, with the wind, was about the same as indoors, so after my garden tour, my morning looked like this:


I grabbed my knitting and my beads and my coffee and sat outdoors. I got to enjoy a lovely half hour before I had to get off my bum and head to work. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.


I am through an eyelet row, and into the brown portion of the shawl, and as you can see I’ll be working my way into a brighter blue post haste!