Cool Mornings

We’ve had another two cool mornings! TWO! It’s been wonderful. And I am off work today, so I got to truly enjoy this one. I’d show you pictures, but it would look like I was just reposting the last picture of patio spinning, because I am working on the same project, and it all looks the same. But progress is being made, I can show you two finished bobbins of singles instead.


One more bobbin to go, and then I’ll be plying a traditional 3 ply. It’ll be pretty lightweight, those singles are thin.

I have today off in order to spend a little time with Miss Bug before she heads to her dad’s, and then off to camp. She is still sleeping though, naturally, since she’s headed into that age that stays up later and sleeps in longer. So I am getting laundry done in order to have clean clothes to pack for camp. Later we’ll be enjoying a pancake breakfast, and then getting a load of rocks for the garden. And packing. There will be packing.

Because I had today off to do all the things necessary for packing, we got to spend some time in the woods yesterday. It was only 87F, so we headed out for a little mountain biking. It’s been about a month since our last ride, and the ride where I fell pretty hard. I divide mountain biking falls into 3 categories. Normal falls, which happen regularly, leave you a bit bruised, maybe scratched up, but ok to continue riding. Then there’s the more serious falls, leaving you injured and you’d probably do best taking a break. And then there’s the ones that require medical intervention. Thankfully, I have never had the latter, and I hope that I am a careful enough personality to never have that kind of fall. But, the last fall was absolutely the middle kind, and I can still feel the problem a month later, which slowed me down toward the end of the ride, and shook my confidence a little. But no matter, I took my time, and used the ride to put my brain, legs, and lungs into a situation where they had to work together properly again. It was a good ride, and I only had one “normal” fall, which was entirely because I was being too careful.

In the garden, which we haven’t been working on too hard, things are changing despite us. You may remember the rose I planted earlier this year, so full of potential? If you didn’t, here’s the picture:


Now let me show it to you, we have a bud!


It’s probably going to make it!

I’ve got dahlias beginning to come up, there are two out of 10 that I can see growth coming out of the ground. That’s great, since I really only planted them about a week ago. No signs of begonias or caladium yet. But, I was more invested in the dahlias anyhow, the begonias and caladium were more an experiment.


AND, there’s been another day lily surprise! I have seen some smaller yellow blooms, but I don’t think this HUGE yellow bloom appeared at all last year! Naturally, I am thrilled to be enjoying day lilies that are not the traditional orange tall blooms, since that’s what is so overgrown in our yard.

That’s about it from me. We’ve got a nice busy weekend planned, and a child free week after that. I am pretty sure it’s going to stay busy!

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