The Birth of a Rose

My new rose officially bloomed for the first time. These photos are about 12 hours difference:

I was hoping these blooms would have a little more peach on the edges, but they are more of a cream color than anything else. I told Mr. Ink “It’s beautiful, but it’s not the rose I was looking for. I am afraid you are in for a lot more roses in your future.” He said “Well, I don’t really mind, as long as they are different colors.” So, with that approval, I’ll continue to hunt down my most perfect rose. I certainly do not regret this addition though!

Additional garden news, there are 6 dahlias out of 10 planted that are showing signs of life. Still no begonias or caladium. Those may be a lost cause. They were an experiment anyhow. My miniature rose is blooming, it should show quite a few new blooms shortly. I am looking forward to seeing it’s cheery yellow blooms all over the plant. And, there are more day lilies that I’ve never seen before! This one is about the size of a half dollar right now.


So diminutive, so beautiful. I’ve also found another kind of tall yellow day lily, but it wasn’t blooming this morning so I didn’t get a photo.

In knitting, I have been plugging away at my dangling conversation shawl. I was running out of beads. I looked everywhere locally for more beads, but could not find them. So, I headed to the all knowing internet. I typed in the exact brand, size, and color. They popped up, I paid too much for them, and had them sent to me. Only to find out that they were NOT the same color as what I had. They are far blacker, much less blue. No matter, I am entering into a section of black and they’ll have to do.


I don’t know that I’ll have beads for the bind off, but I don’t mind too much. And I am certainly not going to order another set!

We are back to the relentless heat again around here, mornings are not spent outdoors except for the morning garden tour. I got a 35 mile hilly bike ride in yesterday morning, and ended up walking in my house about 2 minutes before a drenching rain that lasted maybe 5 minutes, if that. I guess I would have managed ok even if I was still on the bike. It was great to get a nice long bike ride in, and even greater because I went with a friend who rides at a very similar pace as I do, rather than spending that 35 miles trying to keep up with Mr. Ink. I ended the day feeling like I genuinely could have ridden my bike all day long.

Today it’s an errands day. I am hoping that it doesn’t take ALL day! I’ve got some nice plying to do and it would be fun to do enough to take a few photos of that!

4 thoughts on “The Birth of a Rose

  1. it is a lovely rose, and of course the daylily is too. Have you tried Fire Mountain Beads on line? I have had good luck – and they offer a volume discount – oh-no!

    can’t wait to see the plying, so get those errands done! I am off to do mine now.

    • Oh they do indeed! I just need to slow my roll. No more roses until next year. Otherwise, what would I have to look forward to each year?

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