I got my errands done, and got an opportunity to do some plying! I love a good traditional 3 ply. And this bump was fun since it was basically two colors, turquoise and hot pink. Where the two colors met, there’d be a nice deep purple.

I divided the braid into 3 parts, then stripped each part very thin. I didn’t try to make colors line up or anything, I just 3 plied and let everything land as it was spun. It makes for a nice tonal yarn. There’ll be pinker tones, and purpler tones, and bluer tones, and turquoiser tones, but there is very little total pink or total turquoise.


I finished it! It’s pretty lightweight, I got 505 yards of 3 ply. And it is VERY pretty! I really love it. I am eager to see what it wants to become.

Mr. Ink and I went to a plant rescue in the morning. They will take our divided plants and sell them, raising money for local libraries and schools. They also get in donations from greenhouses. What is there is in pretty rough shape, but Mr. Ink and I are always purchasing rough looking plants just to bring them back to life. I got two flats of petunias, an already bloomed yellow asiatic lily, a hanging basket of osteospermum, and another osteospermum, for a grand total of $5! I went home, deadheaded everything, cut it back to an appropriate place, and replanted them. Then I went and dug up some more day lilies, which are in my car so I can enjoy a return trip later today.

We also did a bunch of digging in the yard again. My view has changed yet again, as has the ease of mowing in the backyard.


3 new trees have been planted by Mr. Ink. And yes, those stakes aren’t straight. And yes, they are meant to be that way, he doesn’t like straight trees. Eventually there will be a garden in that area, and he’s claimed it as “his.” A garden area that I don’t mess with, but he gets to plan. He’s already purchased a balloon flower, which is stunning, and laid claim to the allium bulbs I ordered and am waiting to plant in the fall.

I also repotted my begonia tubers into lighter soil so that the cheapo shepherd’s hook would work for me. I was certain the squirrels had done away with those tubers, but apparently not. I was also surprised to see signs of life. They might make it anyhow. At least a few of them. Once I noticed that, I couldn’t resist digging into the side of the pot with the caladium bulbs. I saw roots, so I left them be. Sometimes waiting is hard to do! But with my dahlias having made such a startlingly quick appearance, I guess I had this wishful thinking that the other two would be just as fast.

That’s about it for today, have a great week everyone!

2 thoughts on “Plying

  1. that yarn is beautiful! can’t wait to see what it will become.
    garden is always growing and changing and looking fab. 🙂 Crooked trees, huh? that man has an eye, can’t wait to see them grown. 🙂

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