Much Celebrating, No Crafting

Last week we got notice that Mr. Ink’s step daughter would be getting married. So yesterday we took the afternoon off to head out to her town to witness her courthouse marriage, just a year and two days after they were legally allowed to do so. It felt fitting.

While secretly we think these young women are just that…a little young, we are in the position of being able to just support them in any way possible, and love them wholeheartedly, knowing that we don’t get to choose their life path for them. So, a huge congrats to them, and we wish them the absolute best.

I have not met the ex family, beyond Mr. Ink’s step kids. And they’ve really no reason to call me family. So, I repeatedly stepped out of family pictures, only to be told that I was family, full stop, and was to get back in the photos. Very very kind reception from a family that hasn’t any obligation to it. With an additional dose of commendations by the family for Mr. Ink’s part in the kids’ lives.

I’ve absolutely lucked out with his step kids, in the sense that both of them are young peopleĀ I really enjoy spending time around. His step son has a sense of humor and way of detailing the absurdities of life that absolutely matches mine. His step daughter is one of the kindest and most helpful people I’ve ever met, just absolute sweetness, even when trying to come across as tough.

We got additional news that afternoon. The girls will be moving to our city very shortly, so we’ll get to see more of them. And, Mr. Ink’s step son is to become a father. Cue many jokes on my part about Mr. Ink’s upcoming “granddad” status.

One more goofy bonus picture the family wanted, a mockery of so many of the wedding photos seen online these days.


After the wedding, we headed back to the city to prepare for our “bike formal.” A large group of our friends get all dressed up and ride around the city in bowties and dresses, with various stops along the way. After such an eventful afternoon, it seemed fitting to celebrate all evening.


Outside a historic downtown building, waiting to go celebrate on the roof.


And then champagne on the roof! We had a great night, and a LATE night. It doesn’t seem possible it’s only Wednesday. We’ve had at least a weeks worth of news and events in just one day. Hopefully once we get to the weekend, we’ll have the opportunity to decompress a bit!