Long Weekend!

Boy was I pacing the floor at work today, waiting for my long weekend to begin! It’s going to be a busy one! And it’s the start of Tour de Fleece. I’ll be spinning on the Loop! team this year, only the one team. The reality is, it’s so busy that I don’t have terribly much spinning time, so I can’t really afford to divide it out.

On the knitting front, both my active projects are quite near to being finished! The handspun singles project I left at work, so all I’ve got here at home is my dangling conversation shawl. And it’s looking great, I think I picked a great pattern for the yarn.


I am enjoying working through the turquoise. I know that there’s another black or dark grey after that, and there’s really not many rows left either. So, I’ll have a finished object quite soon.

It’s supposed to be cooler and rainier than normal here this long weekend, and that’s great news. The break in the heat is so so welcome! If it’s not actively raining I think we’ll be trying to get yard work done, more garden building, or maybe the fire pit. Whichever Mr. Ink is feeling inspired about. If it’s actively raining, I am thinking it’ll be good to get housework done and fit in some spinning in between.

I did get one more photo a friend took from the bike formal and I figured I’d show it off. It’s another champagne on the roof pic. But it has us both in it, which is nice.

bike gala

Happy Friday friends! Tomorrow, there’ll be spinning to show off!