Tour de Fleece day 1

Our unrelenting heat gave way to something else….

I noticed that the weather report was that it could rain on Saturday, and that the high would not even be 70F. Clearly I was going to wake up early for some patio spinning before picking Miss Bug up from camp!

This is what I woke up to:


Unrelenting rain. It’s still raining, but after pacing the house quite a bit assuming he’d be able to get outdoors in a moment of clear weather, he has finally given up and is now working on the front hill in the rain. It’s not pouring anymore, so that’s something.

We had to pick up Miss Bug from camp. She goes to camp and rides horses most of the week. She had a GREAT week this week, having made a friend she told us was just like Mr. Ink’s stepdaughter (whom she absolutely adores) and telling me all about the rat snake that kept coming onto the porch of her cabin in an attempt to eat some baby birds. (The latter part she didn’t like much.)

In the unrelenting rain, the entire camp was a muddy mess. But she insisted we go to the barn anyhow, and we did, practically slithering our own way down the hill in sticky mud. She, naturally, had to show us her horse for the week, and every other horse she’s ever ridden and then some.


I was surprised to see, and enjoyed seeing, all the confidence she’s gained in the barn this year. She’s still so slight compared to those horses, but she’d head over to them, if they were in her way, she’d lean on them until they moved, and she absolutely expected them to do HER bidding. She was the boss.

After that, we stopped at a hardware store to pick up a tree. I’d noticed a lovely dwarf weeping spruce the day before, originally $150, marked down to $75. I told Mr. Ink that if it was still there today, we were getting it. We went back, it was there, and we took it to the check out counter and it rang up for $35! It’s a gorgeous tree, at least 10 years old already. And then we realized the reason for the drastic markdown. It was broken. The top of it was cracked badly, and Mr. Ink had to prune it quite a bit. Well, no matter, I suspect it’ll fill back in just fine eventually, it was just a bit disappointing.

I have had a limited amount of time for spinning, since now that Bug’s home, there’s massive amounts of laundry. But, I did get a loop cloud started, colorway sierra nevada.


It’s pretty, but this cloud seems to be spinning up a bit differently than others, and I am not sure why. It’s not particularly easy to keep an even yarn. That being said, I know that it’ll puff out nicely when it’s done, and look great even so.

This day has gotten away from me a bit, with all the rain, I’ve just been so sleepy! Plus, it’s so cool it is perfect sleeping weather! (Doesn’t help that for some reason I woke up at a ridiculously early hour of 5:30 a.m.)


One thought on “Tour de Fleece day 1

  1. glad it finally cooled off, but sorry that means so much mud for you. The spinning looks good to me – I am sire it will make very nice yarn when you are finished with it. 🙂

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